Savings for households

Victorian Energy Upgrades provides Victorian households with access to discounted energy-efficient products through accredited providers.

It can save the typical household around $150 a year and the savings can be considerably more depending on what you get done.

For example, installing a solar kit onto an electric hot water system would save an average of $800 per year.

Download our 'How to access savings for your household' flyer in A4 format (PDF, 797 KB) or DL format (PDF, 401 KB).

How can I get involved?

Head to our product page to find out what's covered by the program and to find an accredited provider who offers these products and installation services. All accredited providers are registered with the Essential Services Commission.

How will Victorian Energy Upgrades help my household and community?

  • Your household will receive discounts on energy saving products
  • These helps to keep energy costs down
  • Victorian Energy Upgrades participants can save $150, on average, on energy bills
  • Improved health benefits by making homes warmer in winter and cooler in summer
  • Reducing the amount of greenhouse gas that is entering our atmosphere.

There are also wide ranging benefits for the community from households and businesses participating in the program, which include:

  • Securing our energy supply by reducing the burden that is placed on the energy system when our energy demands rise
  • Reducing the amount of greenhouse gas that is entering the atmosphere and helping to tackle climate change
  • Transitioning Victorians to a low-emissions economy by reducing our reliance on energy-intensive, high emissions technology.

Why was the Victorian Energy Upgrades program set up?

The program makes it cheaper for Victorian households and businesses to buy energy saving products and reduces Victoria's greenhouse gas emissions.

The Victorian Government sets annual greenhouse gas reduction targets for energy retailers.

These targets require energy retailers to buy a number of certificates. Each certificate represents one tonne of greenhouse gas prevented from entering the atmosphere.

Certificates are created by accredited businesses when they sell energy-efficient products.

The certificates are then traded in a free market.

Products available through accredited providers


Heating & cooling

Water heating


Refrigerator or freezer disposal

Refrigerators or freezers

Shower heads

Weather sealing & insulation

Standby power controllers

In-home displays

Pool pumps

Clothes dryers