Why bother to switch

Your energy bills are a major part of your household expenses. By taking some time to compare offers online and switch, you can save money without even leaving home.

Over half of the visitors to Victorian Energy Compare have been able to save $330 off their annual energy bill by making the switch to a better offer 

How much energy choice do I have?

Victoria's energy market is competitive – there are over 20 energy retailers and many retailers offer more than one plan across gas, electricity and solar. You might not even have to change retailers; you can simply ask your existing retailer for a better deal!

Why would I bother looking for another deal?

Over half of My Power Planner visitors could save $340 per year You can change your mind after agreeing to a new plan

Just like mobile phone deals, there's a lot of variation between retailers' plans. For electricity, there are flat rate plans and flexible pricing plans. Some energy retailers also offer dual fuel deals (cheaper electricity and gas from the same supplier) and other offers and incentives. This means that there are lots of options available – it's worth exploring them to find the right offer that meets your needs and budget.

How do I work out which deal is best for me?

Go to Victorian Energy Compare where you can quickly compare all of the electricity, gas and solar offers available in your area.

Can I change my mind after agreeing to a new plan?

Yes, but only within a certain period. If you contacted the retailer, you have at least 5 business days to cancel the plan. If the retailer approached you first, you have 10 business days after receiving the signed contract. Check YourChoice for more details.