Switching retailers or plans - the process

Changing retailers, or switching your electricity, gas or solar plan with your current retailer, can be done in just a few easy steps.

First, find the best offer for you on Victorian Energy Compare. You can print this offer. Then call or email the retailer to confirm the offer details.

Find the best offer with My Power Planner Call the retailer to discuss the offer in detail Check if you have any exit fees on you current contract

Questions for the retailer

Check the full details of the plan before you agree.

Questions you may wish to ask include:

  • For electricity, what is the cost per kilowatt hour?
  • For gas, what is the cost per megajoule?
  • Are there any fixed costs or service fees?
  • How long is the contract?
  • If I get a longer contract, is it cheaper?
  • Can prices go up during the contract?
  • Do I get a bonus for early payment or an extra fee for late payment?
  • How do I pay? Bank account, credit card or cash?
  • Are there exit fees if I want to leave the contract early? If so, how much are the exit fees? (Exit fees are often a lot lower than you think.)

Once you are satisfied that the plan is the best deal for you, ask for an offer summary.

How do I switch?

When you have decided, contact the retailer with the best plan for you. They will organise the rest.

How long does it take to switch?

The switching process can happen in a matter of days. How long it takes depends on the retailer you choose, so it's best to check.

Does the electricity or gas get turned off when I switch?

No. Your electricity or gas supply will not be interrupted when you change contracts or move to a different retailer.

Will it cost me anything to switch?

No. It doesn't cost anything to switch.

However, depending on your current contract, it may cost you an exit fee. Check this with your retailer. Even if exit fees apply, they are usually quite low and should be much less than the savings made by switching.

How can I be sure I won't switch to a retailer that is just about to raise prices?

Ask the retailer when you call to confirm details, including plans to raise prices.

Will I need new equipment, such as wires or a new meter?

No. Your new retailer will use the existing distribution network and your Smart Meter.

If I move house, will my electricity or gas plan change?

Your current energy plans move with you. Your retailer can't change your plan without your consent (either verbal or written). But remember, moving house can be a great time to look for cheaper energy plans to save you money.

Can I change my mind about my new plan?

Yes, but only within a certain period. You have 10 business days after receiving the signed contract to change your mind, known as the 'cooling off' period.

If you are a small business your contract or plan may have different conditions. Check with your retailer.