Warwick Parkinson

Warwick ParkinsonAfter being with the same energy company for many years, 67 year old active retiree Warwick Parkinson from Ivanhoe used Victorian Energy Compare and found a deal that could save him around $400 per year.

With two people in the house and with gas heating, Warwick’s electricity use was not all that high.

"Being retired, we travel for a couple of months per year and aren’t paying for electricity at those times,

"We are also reasonably energy conscious - I looked at the Top ten ways to save energy on the Switch On website and we were already doing most of the suggestions." he said.

But the ex-civil engineer was surprised when he inputted the data from his electricity bill into Victorian Energy Compare and saw a potential annual savings of 25% on his electricity bill.

“I didn’t think that there was much more we could do to save, but I gave Victorian Energy Compare a go. It was very easy to use – even for those of us who are a bit technologically illiterate.

“To find a provider that would save us $400 per year was a big surprise.

"I would definitely recommend Victorian Energy Compare. For ten minutes of your time, you really don’t have anything to lose."

Warwick has now made the switch to a new provider. As well as getting new services like a weekly email showing him how much energy he is using and how each week’s consumption compares, he says he is already seeing the savings.