Peter Mccoy


Businessman Peter McCoy was shocked at the large amount of money his family could save after using the Victorian Government’s energy price comparison tool, Victorian Energy Compare.

By reviewing his family’s electricity usage and comparing electricity retailer offers, the McCoy family found that they could save up to $2,000 on their annual power bill.

“I was astounded at the difference in pricing between energy providers. It’s been quite confusing for consumers since the market deregulated and it is great to see an independent tool that helps you through the maze of offers.

“I found Victorian Energy Compare very useful and encourage others to take a look at it.”

Peter said that living in a house with his wife and four young adults meant that the household uses a lot of electricity, especially at night.

“Like many teenagers or young adults, our kids use multiple devices and gadgets– there is always a TV, DVD player, computer or game console switched on in our house. I’m always reminding the kids to turn them off at the wall when they aren’t using them.

‘We also love cooking, so we spend a lot of time in our kitchen and this involves using different electric appliances.”

By taking time out to look at the Switch On website, Peter said that he had picked up quite a few tips on how to save electricity.

“It has certainly made me more aware of how we can use energy more efficiently in our home.

Our always-on power can definitely be reduced.  I’ve turned off a second fridge in the garage, as we only occasionally use it. We are vigilant about turning off lights in the rooms we’re not using and we are also rethinking the times when we have our washing machine on.

“It’s important that we have a sustainable energy future and saving electricity as well as using it efficiently is everyone’s responsibility.”