Megan Stewart

After attending a workplace talk on how to save energy at home Megan Stewart assessed her current electricity plan using Victorian Energy Compare. Within a few minutes Megan found a better electricity offer for her family using the Victorian Government’s independent energy price comparison tool.

"We could save up to $500 per year, a significant amount in our household’s annual budget, especially as I am only working part time.

"We have been paying up to $1,200 every quarter for our electricity. By using Victorian Energy Compare I was able to see all the options available to us and evaluate them against our quarterly costs. It didn’t take me long to change electricity retailer for a cheaper option."

With a household of five including her husband, two young children and a baby, Megan says the family’s energy costs have been high for a few years.

"Living in Swan Hill, we have extreme temperatures with it being very hot in summer and cold in winter. We therefore use both heating and cooling, which means our bills tend to be high all year round.

"Also with a growing family our energy usage is high. We use a lot of hot water as well as the TV and a computer. It all adds up."

Having switched to a new electricity retailer Megan is interested in seeing what her new bill will be −but is happy that she will be better off financially after having reviewed her electricity options with Victorian Energy Compare. 

Use the Victorian Energy Compare tool to compare gas and electricity prices and save money on your energy bills.