Jacinta Hosking

Jacinta looking at her electricity billJacinta Hosking couldn't believe the difference in electricity costs when she recently used the Victorian Government's Victorian Energy Compare price comparison tool.

Taking about 10 minutes to complete online, her assessment showed that she could save $495 over a year, a 48% saving on her annual bill. Instead of paying 32 cents per kilowatt hour this could be reduced to 16 cents per kilowatt hour by changing her electricity plan.

Jacinta, who lives with her fiancé in a three bedroom house in the regional Victorian town of Swan Hill, said that the Victorian Energy Compare results were a massive surprise.

"It was easy to do and the end result was fantastic to see."

"Our bills aren't very big as there are only the two of us and we work full time, so I can only imagine the savings that families would have just by changing providers."

"I'd encourage everyone to jump onto the Switch On website and have a look. It's definitely worth it."

Jacinta, who moved into her house 12 months ago, is lucky enough to have solar panels which help reduce her electricity bills. She was able to input data about her household, including that she had a solar system, into Victorian Energy Compare, which showed a big difference in the annual cost from the various companies.

Jacinta's recent winter bill was much higher than usual and she says that it is great to be able to save so much going forward. 

"We live in an area where it gets very hot, up to 40 to 45 degrees in summer so we use air-conditioning a lot. It will be good to save on summer bills too."

While Jacinta has told all her friends about the Victorian Energy Compare tool she recognises that it is important to have energy efficient practices at home.

"My partner and I are mindful about using energy carefully.  We just heat or cool the areas we live in and when we go away, we turn everything off."

Use the Victorian Energy Compare tool to compare electricity prices and save money on your energy bills.