Empirica Research


Empirica Research, located in bustling Hardware Lane in Melbourne’s CBD, is a market research agency specialising in behaviour change and communications research.

Founding Partner Cassie Govan said that busy day-to-day business operations meant that comparing electricity providers was not at the top of the priority list.

“With hundreds of things to do and think about when running a small business, our electricity supplier was something I had set up years ago without really comparing the offers.  I thought that they would all be pretty much the same.”

But once Cassie used the Victorian Energy Compare tool she realised the business could save around $1500 a year, just by switching providers.

“Victorian Energy Compare was really easy to use.  We first had to request our smart meter data file from our energy supplier, but once we had that we simply imported the file and added some details from our bill.

“Victorian Energy Compare showed 10 other electricity offers that we could consider - and all of them were cheaper than our current plan!”

Cassie said that although Empirica Research was a small business, staff were still very much aware of the need to operate in an environmentally-conscious way.

“Sustainable operations should be a consideration of every person and organisation, including small businesses.”

“We have always been very vigilant with turning off computers and other things when they're not being used.  I had assumed that because we were so careful with our energy use, I wouldn't be able to save much on our electricity bill - but this was a real eye-opener.”

“I think all small business owners are under a lot of time-pressure, but taking 15 minutes to work through Victorian Energy Compare has certainly paid off for me.”