Checking your usage file for Blue - ERM - Red - AusNet Services

The format described on this page and shown in the picture below is used by:

  • Blue Energy
  • ERM
  • Red Energy
  • AusNet Services

If you have requested a 'Victorian Energy Compare supported consumption file' (also known as a 'usage file') from the above retailer or distributor, it should pass the three checks below. Use this information, and the example shown below, to check and compare your file.

  1. The first line of the file should contain the following column headers in columns one to six:
    • NMI
    • Meter Serial Number
    • CON/GEN
    • Date
    • Estimated?
    • Unit of Measure
  2. In the fourth column of your file, there should be a minimum of 12 complete consecutive months of data e.g. from 01/01/2013 to 31/12/2013.
  3. On each line of your file, next to the date, there should be consumption data (also known as 'Interval data'). Your file should contain 48 consumption values for every day, one for each 30 minute period.

Example of consumption file (usage file)

The image is a sample of a consumption file and highlights the conditions as described on this page.

The example file in the picture is an incomplete file. Your file should contain more data.

If your file does not pass the checks above and looks significantly different to the example shown, then you should go back to your retailer or distributor and request a 'Victorian Energy Compare supported consumption file'.

Files may also contain other additional information (for example, if you have solar or controlled load, there may be additional streams of information presented in your file). However, even with these differences, your file should still pass the same checks and look similar to the example above.