How to download an electricity usage file from your provider

If your household is fitted with a smart meter, then your electricity consumption is being metered in 30-minute intervals and you are able to request that data from your electricity retailer or distributor.

Retailers and distributors are required to provide interval data to customers within 10 working days of receiving a request.

Some retailers and distributors have online portals where you may be able to directly download your consumption file in a matter of minutes. For other retailers and distributors, you may be required to call or email the customer service centre to obtain your consumption file.

Please refer to the table below to find out what options your retailer and distributor provides.

Electricity retailerAvailable from their call centreAvailable from their website portalExample of consumption fileElectricity retailer's website address
AGL EnergyYesYesAGL Energy
Blue NRGYesNoBlue NRG
Click EnergyYesNoNot Currently
Diamond EnergyYesNoDiamond Energy
Dodo Power & GasYesNoDodo P&G
ERM PowerYesYesERM Power
Lumo EnergyYesYesLumo Energy
Momentum EnergyYesNoMomentum Energy
Neighbourhood EnergyYesNoNeighbourhood Energy
Origin EnergyYesNoOrigin Energy
People EnergyYesNoNot Currently
PowerdirectYesNoNot Currently
PowershopYesNoNot Currently
QEnergyYesNoNot Currently
Red EnergyYesNoRed Energy
Simply EnergyYesNoSimply Energy
Electricity distributorAvailable from their call centreAvailable from their website portalExample of consumption fileElectricity distributor's website address
CitiPower / PowercorYesNoCitiPower/Powercor
AusNet ServicesYesYesAusNet Services
United EnergyYesYesUnited Energy

How to upload an electricity usage file to Victorian Energy Compare

If you would like to obtain your electricity usage file and upload it to Victorian Energy Compare, then you need to:

  1. have had your smart meter for 12 or more months as Victorian Energy Compare requires 12 months of Smart Meter data
  2. obtain a file from your electricity retailer or distributor (either by downloading from their website, or by contacting their service centre)
  3. upload your usage file to Victorian Energy Compare via the 'Upload your usage file' option.

Victorian Energy Compare requires the file to have a minimum of 12 continuous and complete months. Victorian Energy Compare will not be able to accept all files, so it may help to tell your retailer or distributor that you require your consumption data for the purpose of uploading into Victorian Energy Compare.