What will the Scorecard certificate tell me

When you have a Scorecard assessment you will receive a two-page certificate. At the top is the star rating, representing the average energy cost of your home.

The Scorecard certificate explains and rates the energy efficiency of your home by considering the fixed household appliances, construction materials, and renewable energy sources. It provides tailored improvement options for your household to consider, and features a hot-weather performance rating.

View a sample certificate - Note this is a sample certificate. There may be minor differences between this certificate and a certificate you receive at the completion of an assessment.

How does the Scorecard star-rating system work?

The star rating is on a scale from one to ten.

 A high star rating means that your home will use less energy, and cost less to run, than one with a lower star rating.

The Scorecard certificate includes:

  • a breakdown of the proportion of energy that is being consumed by fixed household appliances, such as heating systems, air conditioners, lighting, hot water, pools and spas, and the input from renewable energy sources, such as solar PV
  • options about how to improve the energy efficiency of your home
  • a hot weather efficiency rating on a scale from one to five. A high rating means your home will stay comfortable for longer during hot weather. Cooling devices are not included in this rating, so a higher rating means you will need to use less energy to keep comfortable.

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