What happens during the assessment


Assessors will begin the assessment by identifying themselves, explaining the Scorecard program, the process they will follow in your home and the participation documentation you will be required to read and sign.

The assessor will then walk through your home and record information using the online Scorecard tool. This tool is accessible on tablet devices to make it easy for the assessor to record information and share the results with you. During the assessment the assessor will record details of each room in your home such as:

  • evidence to identify your fixed appliances (eg. model and star rating of your air conditioner)
  • the physical dimensions of the room
  • the construction material and features of a room (eg: window size and type and wall insulation material)
  • details of other elements that effect the energy performance or comfort of a room (eg: gaps under the external doors or unsealed chimneys).

The assessor will take some photos during the assessment - these images will be of household features evaluated during the Scorecard assessment. Any images taken during the assessment will be stored securely, never shared and used for quality assurance purposes only.

What will you receive at the completion of the assessment?

A great aspect of a Scorecard assessment is that the results are instantly accessible and you will receive immediate feedback from the assessor. This will be in the form of a certificate that gives your home a star rating and recommends the appropriate upgrades for your home. The certificate will be emailed to you immediately or posted to you.

The assessor will discuss the certificate with you and provide further advice on what changes you can make to your property to improve its energy efficiency, increase its comfort and to reduce your energy costs.

what can i do?

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