What is assessed

what is assessed 

What is assessed

The Scorecard assessment covers the main drivers of high energy bills: the building itself and fixed features like water and space heating.

Nearly half the energy cost of the average Victorian home is space heating (one-third) and water heating (16 per cent). 

Fixed features impact on energy cost and home comfort over a long period. Improving these features saves you money and may even improve the price if you sell your home.

Scorecard assessments cover: 

Building Shell

  • wall, floor and ceiling materials
  • insulation
  • windows and eaves
  • gaps and cracks.

Fixed features

  • heating and cooling systems
  • hot water systems
  • lighting
  • curtains and external blinds
  • solar panels
  • pools and outdoor spas.

Non-fixed appliances like fridges and washing machines are not included.

How the home is assessed

An accredited assessor will inspect each room, collecting details of the dimensions, construction and fixed features (e.g. floor area, size of windows, age and your air conditioner's star rating).

Outside your home, they will assess the hot water system, eaves and external blinds. They will also have a look in your ceiling space to check the insulation.

The assessment includes taking photographs of household energy features for quality assurance purposes. The Scorecard's purpose-built software means the results are instantly accessible so you will get immediate feedback from the assessor. You will receive this information in the form of a certificate that gives your home a star rating.

Your improvement options

Your Scorecard certificate tells you how the main features of your home rate against a best-in-class benchmark. Improvement options are also recommended for each feature if it is appropriate.

The Scorecard is designed to provide general upgrade options but does not consider your preferences or financial circumstances.

The options are calculated on the potential to reduce your energy bills rather than the cost or feasibility of getting an upgrade. This allows you the greatest flexibility to make the decisions that suit your home.

To get the best price and advice on your options, it is strongly recommended that you get several quotes for any upgrade.