How does a Scorecard assessment work

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What is assessed?

Find out more about the household features assessed by the Scorecard

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What is the certificate?

Find out more about the Scorecard certificate and how it can help you reduce your energy bills


What happens during the assessment?

Find out more about how the Scorecard assessment process will work for you

The Victorian Residential Efficiency Scorecard has been developed by the Victorian Government to help Victorians better understand the energy performance of their homes and to make informed choices about improving the quality of their living environment, while saving money on their gas and electricity bills.

Who can Scorecard help?

Reasons to have an assessment

  • Scorecard is government-supported and evidence-based: you can have confidence in your home's star rating.
  • Your Scorecard rating is based on a technically robust analysis of the complex interactions of a home that influence energy use.
  • Your Scorecard assessment includes tailored suggestions to improve your star rating. Whether you are a living in a rental house or are a home-owner planning major renovations, a Scorecard assessment can help you take actions that make a difference.
  • Your home's Scorecard star rating is a great, easy-to-share comparison tool: you can use it to compare before and after a home renovation, or between homes.
  • Your Scorecard assessment tells you how easy it would be to keep your house cool during a heatwave, even if the power goes out, and gives you ways to improve that performance.
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