Register of accredited assessors

Only accredited assessors can provide Victorian Residential Efficiency Scorecard assessments. All assessors are required to show photo identification when they use the Scorecard tool to assess a home. If an assessor is offering an assessment you can check here to see if they are accredited. Assessors are currently providing assessments through not for profit organisations, if you want an assessment please check for an assessor in your area.

This is a list of all accredited assessors currently participating in the Victorian Residential Efficiency Scorecard program

Assessor nameAssessor Registration Number
Daniel PlieterVIC2270317
Andrew ArmstrongVIC2280317
Liam CranleyVIC2310417
Danielle KingVIC2320517
John DaveyVIC2100816
Malcolm McKelvieVIC2340517
Jane GoncalvesVIC2380817
Greg SneldersVIC2330517
Stephen TurnockVIC2481017
Rowan JamiesonVIC2400917
Ashley MogensenVIC2461017
Ratko MrkogacaVIC2471017
Lucinda FlynnVIC2441017
Tim ForceyVIC2430917
James BramwellVIC2550118
Mick LewinVIC2531217