Delivering assessments through a business or not-for-profit organisation

The Victorian Government provides access to the Scorecard tool for free to assessors. Assessors are not employed by government, but can be employed independently or by a business, local council or not-for-profit organisation (sometimes known as 'intermediaries').

Businesses, organisations or councils must be endorsed to deliver Scorecard services. This allows a range of business models to develop. All assessors must also be individually accredited before they can deliver Scorecard assessments.

Businesses, organisations or councils who wish to provide Scorecard assessments via assessors need to meet the following quality requirements:

  1. Excellent customer experience: Intermediaries should ensure that delivery builds a strong customer relationship and engagement approach and skills, including providing an excellent customer experience before, during and after the assessment.
  2. Robust assessment approach: Intermediaries have contractual relationships with assessors and should support assessors to consistently deliver quality assessments. To do this, assessors will need a strong ability to identify home energy efficiency features and accurate data entry skills.
  3. Consumer focused energy efficiency upgrades advice: Intermediaries have contractual relationships with assessors and should support them to assess and present appropriate upgrades options, considering the needs of the household.
  4. Prioritise safety and wellbeing: Intermediaries should provide the systems and support so that assessments are delivered safely.
  5. Robust administrative process: Intermediaries should ensure all administrative requirements are complied with, both in relation to their accreditation and assessor accreditation and quality control.
  6. Consultation and continuous improvement: Intermediaries commit to work collaboratively to continuously improve the program.

Endorsement process for businesses, local councils and not-for-profit organisations

Stage one: submit application documents

This stage is open now

All interested business, organisations or councils must complete the Victorian Residential Efficiency Scorecard - intermediary registration documentation [MS Word Document - 1.2 MB] and a signed Intermediary Agreement. [MS Word Document - 69.1 KB] This provides the requirements for using the Scorecard and associated program materials. The agreement includes a code of conduct outlining the requirements for participation.

As part of the application, you will need to:

  • provide contact details
  • identify any conflicts of interest
  • identify any accredited assessors or assessor applicants related to this application
  • state if assessors will be insured by your organisation or covered by their own insurance. You will need to provide proof of Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance covering assessors (see Assessor accreditation for requirements).
  • outline proposed marketing material.

Stage one: what happens next?

The submitted documents will be reviewed. Once these requirements are met a business, council or organisation becomes endorsed. At this stage you may submit marketing materials for approval.

The business, council or organisation must use accredited assessors to deliver Scorecard assessments. See Assessor accreditation to find out more about the process for accreditation.