I want to deliver assessments

We are always seeking applications from assessors who want to be part of the Scorecard program. This opportunity is ideal for people with existing experience and skills in home sustainability assessment. 

To support quality, and protect consumers, only Accredited Assessors can deliver Scorecard assessments.

Before applying to become a Scorecard assessor, please consider if you have the required skills and experience. See the first four 'quality principles' below: all Scorecard assessors are required to have these skills and experience to gain accreditation. 

If you want to become an assessor and lack the required skills, you will need to undertake training or gain experience in the field. For suggested training courses, see the assessor accreditation page.

If you are a representative of a not-for-profit organisation or local council and want to deliver Scorecard assessments, find out about the program requirements and submit an expression of interest.

Scorecard quality principles

There are six Scorecard quality principles that underpin the Scorecard assessor accreditation process:

  1. Excellent customer experience: Assessors must demonstrate strong customer relationship and engagement approach and skills, delivering a positive experience for the consumer.
  2. Robust assessment approach: Assessors must have a strong ability to identify home energy efficiency features in the field and accurate data entry skills, to ensure assessments accurately reflect home performance.
  3. Consumer-focused energy efficiency upgrades advice: Assessors must have the skills to assess and present appropriate upgrades options, considering the needs of the household.
  4. Knowledge of safety and wellbeing: Assessors must have the skills to protect themselves and others while working.
  5. Robust administrative process: Assessors are given Scorecard training and other support services, and must comply with administrative requirements, including audits.
  6. Consultation and continuous improvement: Assessors are invited to provide feedback to continuously improve the scheme.
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