Policy background

The Victorian Government has developed a voluntary home energy efficiency rating tool: the Residential Efficiency Scorecard.

The Residential Efficiency Scorecard is designed for use in existing and new homes.

The new home energy rating system will help households to improve the energy performance of their homes and save money on their energy bills.

Households that are interested in understanding more about the energy performance of their home can contact a private provider and arrange an appointment for an in-home energy efficiency assessment.

The provider will collect data on site and calculate an efficiency rating through the Scorecard tool on the spot. The Scorecard will be a user-pays service, assessors will charge householders appropriate fees for providing Scorecard assessments.

Once the provider has completed the rating, the householder will receive:
→ An overall rating that represents the average cost of energy for that house
→ Information about the performance of key elements of the house
→ Information about performance of the house in hot conditions
→ A range of options about how they could improve the rating of the house.

The Scorecard is supported by the Victorian Government to ensure that the results are backed by robust evidence, data and calculations.

Prior to release, the Victorian Government will consult with stakeholders to gather feedback on aspects of the Scorecard.

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