Quality assurance

Quality Assurance

Our Commitment

The Department will ensure that accredited Residential Efficiency Scorecard assessors maintain training and customer service standards, by:

  1. Assessors apply to the department for entrance into Scorecard user training
  2. Training will be conducted, using materials developed by the Department.
  3. After completion of web tool training prospective, assessors will need to conduct a supervised assessment with an experienced assessor (a member of the SQAB or a Departmental staff) and be approved to use.
  4. Once approved to assess residential homes, accredited Scorecard assessors will be supported by
    • Ongoing professional development as the program evolves, and
    • Support material, including technical documentation, training material, communications material explaining the Scorecard program benefits, assessment process, upgrade options, household changes, behavioural updates etc.
  5. Once approved to assess residential homes, Scorecard assessors will fall into a continual review process to ensure that assessors are delivering assessments to an appropriate standard and that are provided with training and support if QA expectations are not met.