Complaints resolution process

Complaint management process

Our commitment

An effective complaint handling process contributes to responsive service delivery and leads to better outcomes for our clients.

DELWP staff are required to demonstrate the public sector values in the way they approach their work demonstrating responsiveness, integrity, impartiality, accountability, respect, leadership and a commitment to human rights.

We encourage anyone who is not satisfied with a decision, action or service provided by the department to raise their matter with the relevant area of the department making the decision before lodging a general complaint.  This may facilitate a faster resolution.

What is a complaint?

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction with a specific DELWP decision, service or the actions of a staff member where a different outcome is sought, but does not include complaints about department or government policies.

Types of complaints

Complaints may be lodged about:

  • General complaints about the actions or inaction of the department or its staff, or the way staff have interacted with you.

  • The way a uniformed DELWP Authorised Officer, such as a Wildlife Officer, or Forest Officer has interacted with you.

  • Breaches of Information Privacy.

  • Correcting information about you held by DELWP.

  • Serious Improper Conduct under the Protected Disclosure Act 2012.

How to make a complaint

If your complaint falls into one of the categories above, click on the link, either complete the form and forward to DELWP Complaints, Legal Services Division, PO Box 500,  East Melbourne 8002,  or follow the contact directions provided.

The following will not be treated as a complaint under this process:

  • A request for a service

  • A request for information

  • A request for a review or appeal under legislation (where a formal review process already exists it must be followed)

General complaints

If you have a general complaint about the way a DELWP employee provided a service or concern about the actions or inaction of the department or its staff you can contact our Customer Service Centre on phone 136 186  TTY 1800 122 969 or email:

Authorised Officer Complaints

DELWP Authorised Officers wear uniforms and are authorised under specific legislation to write infringement notices that carry penalties for not complying with the law.

Examples are: Wildlife Officers, and Forest Officers. If you have a complaint about the way a DELWP Authorised Officer interacted with you, you can lodge a complaint by completing the form below and returning to DELWP Complaints Legal Services Division, PO Box 500, East Melbourne 8002.

Authorised Officer complaint forms

Authorised Officer complaint form [PDF File - 167.0 KB]
Authorised Officer complaint form [MS Word Document - 156.3 KB]

Breaches of Information Privacy

If you believe DELWP or a service provider of DELWP has breached your information privacy by not complying with the Information Privacy Principles of the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014; you can lodge a complaint by completing a privacy complaint form and returning to DELWP Complaints Legal Services Division, PO Box 500, East Melbourne 8002.

Privacy complaint forms

Privacy complaint forms  [PDF File - 168.2 KB]
Privacy complaint forms  [MS Word Document - 155.6 KB]

Correcting Information About You

In accordance with section 39 of the Freedom of Information Act 1982, if DELWP holds a document containing information relating to your personal affairs that you believe to be inaccurate, incomplete, out of date, or where it would give a misleading impression, you are entitled to request the correction or amendment of that information.

For information about Freedom of Information requests, telephone (03) 9637 8186 or email

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