We refer to assets rather than URLs and if a page is to be in more than one place it will be linked so there is only one file to edit (if it's in three locations, editing just one will update all three). This is to minimise the need to remember where everything is.


This is accomplished as follows (example is the FAQ page - asset #1388864 -

Enclose the whole section in <ul class="accordion"></ul>

each item in <li></li>

titles enclosed in <span></span>. Titles within a <p> will be white text with green background. Headings will remain as they are.

expandable content follows inside <div style="display:block;"></div>

*** NOTE: Accordion on the training page was failing because matrix kept changing the order of the tags and putting the <p> tag before the span, thus breaking the accordion. This started happening on Thur 3rd November. After correcting the order twice, I realised Matrix was just swapping it back again, which was breaking the feature and changed the div to raw html and pasted in the code. In raw html mode Matrix doesn't mess with the code.

What is the Energy Scorecard?

I've just finished the page "What is the Energy Scorecard?" Which currently contains a table/grid of eight page links and their associated thumbnail picture.
To change the picture, the easiest way is to right click on it and select open image in new tab, then do as above and go into edit mode. From the Details tab, you can upload a replacement picture and it will automatically update all pages that refer to the picture. You can even re-name it and everything else will also automatically update. This is another good thing about dealing with assets instead of URLs. Matrix will probably want to hang on to the old version, as will your browser. To refresh Matrix, go out of edit mode then add /_recache to the picture name. This will refresh it, and you might also have to do this on the page it refers to. Matrix will recache overnight anyway but this just brings the process forward. To force a recache on your browser, hold the shift key while hitting refresh.

Case studies page

The case studies need to be uploaded into the appropriate folder (asset #1388860) and the code is currently:

           Case Study #1 - Long title over two lines

           link to .doc<br />Link to pdf

The case study intro text is pretty obvious. The links to .doc and pdf need to be changed to something like this (*** MAKE SURE YOU CHANGE THE ASSET NUMBER ***):

           <a href=""> [MS Word Document - 9.0 KB]</a>
           <br />
           <a href=""> [PDF File - 8.4 KB]</a>

Which will display on the page as the actual document title (as per the document's details page). This will be a link, and followed by what type of file and the file size.

Resources is in the exact same format as case studies, so see above.

Information for Assessors page

This page uses a child page lister called list_children (asset #1393043). I have set the rootnode as 1387512 and it lists the child pages in a table, linked with the title at the top and description from the metadata, also linked. If you want to create a new page inside, make sure it has the metadata Description making sense.

I just (28th October) made the child lister only list type 1 links, and made the Complaints resolution page type 2 so it will remain hidden. To change the page type, in admin right-click then select linking, or in edit plus, select the linking tab and change show in menu to "No" (type 2) or "Yes" (type 1).

Document summary icons not lining up

I had a problem with this where I coded which returns the title of the document, the size then the icon, but the icon is offset vertically by quite a noticeable number of pixels. The problem was passed around to several devs and finally Lachlan Cunningham solved it. He said "Hi Michael,

It looks like a CSS problem. You will notice that there is the following style:

div.main-container img {
    margin: 8px;

This is causing the offset for the icon images. I created a test ( and you will see that the WYSIWYG wraps the entire summary in a class with the 'include_asset_summary' class. If you wrap your link summaries in this, the above style will be overwritten and the icons will look correct."

 So if you have this problem, the hyperlink to the document and then summary code must be included in a container that is of the class "include_asset_summary". Most of mine were encased in paragraph containers (some in div and some in span, all worked by changing the class) so I attached the class to the paragraph. That is, specifically, changed all <p> tags to <p class="include_asset_summary"> and all of the icons were lined up as they should.

Handy javascript "bookmarklets"

Go to your FF bookmarks folder and add a new one called '_edit'. Set the location as:


Make two more called _nocache and _recache, replacing the two occurrences of edit in the line with nocache and recache as required. Clicking these will simply append the appropriate  word to the page URL and load it. This is a time saver. Will not work if you already have something appended (e.g. Won't work if you're in

Training form

This is hosted by I'm not sufficiently skilled in javascript, nor do I have sufficient access to enable it (Cham has correctly allowed me minimal access to the live system) so it was a major time saver to have it developed on and hosted by Showing and hiding fields depending on the answer to the qualifications question was the hard bit. The form is owned by myself but I will make sure it is shared with someone here prior to the end of the day. I also have the source code for it, but the person it's shared with will have access to this too. Form ID# is 63061406450850

LIMITATION: 100 emails per month with a free account. To move the limitation to 1,000 will cost $19.95 per month. See for details

Preview login details

People who attempt to view unpublished pages will get a login page. The login details are generic and are for read access only.

User Name: switchonpreview
Password: Sw1tch0n