Victorian Energy Upgrades is available to every Victorian household and business to receive the benefits of discounted energy-saving products. A typical household can save around $150 a year from energy bills. Depending on the upgrade, these savings can go much higher.

The Essential Services Commission, has approved every registered product under the program to meet minimum efficiency, quality and safety benchmarks. Accredited providers can complete energy-efficient upgrades at a discounted rate, and free in some circumstances. Your participation is entirely voluntary.

Accredited providers use a range of techniques to contact eligible households, including through television, print and online advertising, telemarketing and doorknocking. But it must be done in the correct way. There are obligations for accredited providers and third parties operating on their behalf when contacting households.

Doorknocking and telemarketing

By law, accredited providers, and third parties operating on their behalf, must tell you:

  • their name
  • the name and address (not a PO Box) of the accredited provider they represent
  • the purpose of the call or visit.

Knock and call times

  • They are not allowed to doorknock or call you:
  • on Sundays or public holidays
  • before 9 am or after 6 pm on weekdays (after 8 pm for calls)
  • before 9 am or after 5 pm on Saturdays.


They must leave the premises if asked by you and not return for 30 days. They must not approach any premises with a ‘do not knock’ sign.


Accredited providers, and third parties operating on their behalf, must:

  • tell you how they got your telephone number (if asked)
  • stay on the line and answer any questions you have about the provider they represent
  • not use recorded messages or ‘robo’ phone tactics designed to alarm
  • tell you which accredited provider will be undertaking the installation
  • ensure their calling line identification is enabled
  • at your request, hang up immediately and not call back for at least 30 days.

To stop receiving all telemarketing calls, you can register your number with the Do Not Call Register managed by the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

For further information, to lodge a complaint, or register your number, please visit or phone 1300 792 958.

False and misleading claims

Accredited providers are businesses approved to participate in the program. They and third parties operating on their behalf must not make false or misleading claims, or engage in misleading or deceptive conduct including:

  • claiming they work for the Victorian Energy Upgrades program, the Essential Services Commission or the Victorian Government
  • claiming the installation is mandatory under the Victorian Energy Upgrades program
  • claiming your telephone number was provided by the Victorian Government
  • providing incorrect contact details
  • making any other inaccurate representations that might induce you to agree to an upgrade.

Further information

To register a complaint, please call (03) 9032 1310 or email

A full list of accredited providers can be found at the registry of accredited providers

Download our doorknocking and telemarketing practices factsheet (PDF, 4.3 MB)

Yvonne saved through simple changes

It was quick, it was easy and it saves energy. That’s good for everyone. If everyone does their bit, even in a small way, then that will help save the planet.

Download a leaflet for the Yvonne's case study.

Roy found it easy and affordable

“It’s been win-win. Thousands saved on the installation, savings on energy which will help the environment - that I can pass on to my kids as well.”

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Page last updated: 15/11/21