Victorian Energy Upgrades is available to every Victorian household and business to receive the benefits of discounted energy-saving products.

Our products' pages have contact information of accredited providers registered to sell Victorian Energy Upgrade products.

The program administrator, the Essential Services Commission, has approved every registered product under the program to meet minimum efficiency, quality and safety benchmarks.

Download our helping your household to save on energy costs factsheet (PDF, 651.8 KB) for information on Victorian Energy Upgrades.

The Victorian Energy Upgrades Latest News page is regularly updated with coronavirus (COVID-19) information.

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Yvonne saved through simple changes

It was quick, it was easy and it saves energy. That’s good for everyone. If everyone does their bit, even in a small way, then that will help save the planet.

Download a leaflet for the Yvonne's case study.

Roy found it easy and affordable

“It’s been win-win. Thousands saved on the installation, savings on energy which will help the environment - that I can pass on to my kids as well.”

Download a leaflet for Roy's case study.

Page last updated: 14/10/21