Scorecard Goes National

Households across Australia can now reduce their energy bills, cut greenhouse gas emissions and improve home comfort after the Residential Efficiency Scorecard received endorsement under the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS).

The National Scorecard Initiative, which builds on the Victorian Government’s successful state-based Residential Efficiency Scorecard Program, will facilitate a nationally consistent approach for assessing existing homes. It was first piloted nationally in 2019 and further trialled in 2021. This new voluntary 'in home' assessment is extending NatHERS to all homes, as part of a joint initiative of the Commonwealth, state and territory governments.

Currently endorsed by NatHERS, the National Scorecard Initiative is expected to be fully accredited and phased into NatHERS in 2022. Until this occurs, all elements of the National Scorecard Initiative, including the assessment tool, assessor training and assessor accreditation, will continue to be delivered by the Victorian Government on behalf of all Australian governments.

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Total Scorecard assessments: 5667
(as at August 2021)

Coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions

A range of public health measures have been put in place to help slow the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

All program participants should be aware of, and follow, all restrictions in their jurisdiction and adjust their occupational health and safety plans as appropriate. For more information see the state or territory government website in your location.

Updated: 27/07/2021

New ways to fund home upgrades

There are some new ways to improve the energy performance and comfort of your home if you don’t have the funds up front.  Some banks now offer lower interest rates if you are planning to upgrade your home or buy a new higher performing home. There is a double benefit, you get a home that is more comfortable, lower cost to run and you get a better interest rate.  There is also a new home upgrade loan which can be paid off through your council rates called Environmental Upgrade Finance.

The Residential Efficiency Scorecard makes the process easy for both options.  A Scorecard assessor uses the government supported Scorecard tool to see what upgrades bring the biggest benefits to save money on your energy bill. The assessor provides you with upgrade options to choose from and a Scorecard certificate that is used to help access the loan.  Victoria is leading by opening the way to pay a home performance upgrade loan through your council rates. This can be a good option, especially if you may sell your home in a few years, as the loan is attached to the property. This means those that benefit from the upgrade pay for the upgrade.

Click here to download a fact sheet on the loans (.PDF, 235 KB).

Click here for further information about Environmental Upgrade Finance.

New bank loans for energy efficient homes

New bank loans to improve the energy performance and comfort of your home are now available

Some banks now offer lower interest rates if you are planning to upgrade your home or build or buy a highly energy efficient home. This is a win win, you get a home that is more comfortable, with lower energy bills, and you get a better interest rate.

To download the fact sheets on the home loans click below:

See this media release for more information or search online for low (or clean) energy bank loans for homes.

Homes with higher energy ratings sell for more

Did you know that homes with higher energy ratings sell for more?

An article has been published on The Conversation by Daniel Daly, a research fellow at the Sustainable Buildings Research Centre (University of Wollongong) which covers research that shows how homes with higher energy ratings sell for more.

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Scorecard 2019 Report

The Scorecard programme produces one of the largest datasets of home energy cost and comfort in Victorian homes.

A report has been released with the first analysis of this data, including summaries of home performance, programme benefits and outcomes.

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