Deciding which renovations will give you best value for money is hard. The Victorian Residential Efficiency Scorecard can help you make energy efficient renovation choices.

Case study 1: Carolyn and Garth, Burwood East

Garth and Carolyn were keen to know whether the past two years of tirelessly renovating their home to make it more comfortable and energy efficient had truly worked. They got a Victorian Residential Efficiency Scorecard assessment and it gave them a resounding mark of approval.

“Yeah, that’s about right,” Garth says to the top assessment of 10 stars for his home. “When you look at what we’ve done compared to other people, we’ve done a lot.”

Garth Honey with his water heater

Case study 2: Bek and Simon, Tallygaroopna

When Bek and Simon bought their four-bedroom rural home at Tallygaroopna, near Shepparton, in June they knew that renovating would have to be a priority. Looking for ideas to make their home more comfortable and energy efficient, the couple turned to a Victorian Residential Efficiency Scorecard assessment to help them make a plan.

With six children aged two to 15, Bek and Simon needed to renovate to create more space. And the brick house, built in the 1980s, was also in need of a makeover to make it more comfortable and energy efficient.

Bek and Simon's home

Thinking of renovating? Contact an assessor and organise a Scorecard assessment.

Page last updated: 26/11/2018