Clare used Scorecard to assess the plans for her family’s new home: she wanted to find out whether the house would cost them a fortune in energy bills. Her Scorecard assessor showed her how to adapt the plans to significantly reduce energy use, then worked with her builder to make the most cost-effective changes to the build. A few small changes made a huge difference, turning a 2 star house into an 8 star house.

Are you a builder or an architect? You already know there’s a strong business case for energy efficient homes. Scorecard is a government-backed, trustworthy way to show the energy efficiency of the homes you design and build. A Scorecard assessment is a clear and easy way to advertise the quality of your homes. Your customers will be happy when they build with you, happy to live in a house that is low cost to run, and even happier when they sell.

Page last updated: 06/10/20