The Residential Efficiency Scorecard is a home star rating program that works like the star rating for your fridge. The more stars the lower your energy costs.

A skilled Scorecard home assessor visits your home and provides a star rating backed by the Victorian Government’s home rating tool. The Scorecard assessment provides you with options to improve the comfort and reduce the energy cost of your home.

Importantly the rating includes a home performance rating for heat waves if you have no cooling, or if the cooling is not operating. The Scorecard assessment provides options to improve both hot and cold weather performance.

It is the first program of its kind in Australia and has been developed by the Victorian Government. A Scorecard assessment makes it easy to understand and improve the energy performance of a home. An assessment includes:

  • a star rating out of 10 that represents the average cost of energy for the home
  • rates the performance of key elements of the home, such as insulation, hot water systems and major appliances
  • rates the performance of the home in hot and cold conditions
  • Identifies special features such a home battery
  • options to improve the rating of the home

The Scorecard has been developed to help manage heatwave conditions more safely.  Your Scorecard rating includes a rating from 1 to 5 showing how comfortable your home will be in hot weather without cooling, or when your cooling is not working.  A good rating of 4 to 5 also means you will use less electricity in a heat wave to keep your home cool.  

Did you know that analysis of around 200 Scorecard assessments found that 85% of homes received the worst possible rating for hot weather performance?  Figuring out how to keep your home cool can be complicated, and professional advice about what to do can really help. Scorecard assessors will provide you with a hot weather rating for your home and advice on how to improve it.

Click here to find out more ways to keep cool during a heat wave (.PDF, 272. KB).

You may be able to use a Scorecard rating to apply for home financing. The Residential Efficiency Scorecard is a home star rating program that works like the star rating for your fridge. The more stars the lower your energy costs. The Scorecard assessment provides you with options to improve the comfort and reduce the energy cost of your home.

Gaining a higher Scorecard rating for your home may make you eligible for home financing packages. Contact a participating financial institution to find out more.

If you have any questions on how a Scorecard assessment can be used to apply for a mortgage, please email help.scorecard@delwp.vic.gov.au

Scorecard assessments are available across Australia.

Click here to see our list of accredited Scorecard assessors on our website.

If you are having difficulty locating an assessor in your area please email help.scorecard@delwp.vic.gov.au.

Contact the organisation or assessor that provided the assessment in the first instance, this is usually the fastest way to resolve an issue.

If they are unable to resolve the issue please email: help.scorecard@delwp.vic.gov.au

Contact the organisation or assessor that provided the assessment in the first instance, the assessor is responsible for explaining the results of your assessment.

If they are unable to resolve the issue please email help.scorecard@delwp.vic.gov.au. Include your contact details, the name of the provider and assessor and the certificate number of the Scorecard assessment

The Victorian Energy Upgrades program (previously known as the Energy Saver Incentive, ESI scheme or VEET) gives households and businesses access to discounted energy efficient products and services.

The Scorecard assessment provides recommendations on how to improve your home's energy performance. Many of these home upgrades can be done at a lower cost through the Victorian Energy Upgrades program. Talk to your accredited Scorecard assessor about this opportunity.

For more information on Victorian Energy Upgrades visit: https://www.victorianenergysaver.vic.gov.au/victorian-energy-upgrades

The Scorecard star rating is a score out of 10 and represents the relative cost of energy for your home. The higher the rating, the better your home's energy performance and therefore the less energy you will use to run your home’s fixed features (i.e. heating, cooling, hot water etc).

Your Scorecard assessor will tell you what you can do to improve your home and how much this will improve your star rating.

Like the star rating on your fridge, you can use the star rating for comparison - for example before and after a potential renovation, or to understand what home features may be driving a big energy bill. Your home star rating can be used to show a high performing home when you sell or rent it.

Visit www.victorianenergysaver.vic.gov.au for more information on ways to reduce your energy bill.

The Scorecard certificate provides home upgrade options to improve your home's star rating and comfort. These options are produced through the Scorecard tool, and the Scorecard assessor will also consider your particular circumstances, to provide home upgrade advice.

You can trust the Scorecard tool as it is backed by government and based on the best available evidence. Scorecard assessors are accredited by government and are required to demonstrate a high level of home assessment skills to become accredited. All assessors are regularly audited.

Your decision to upgrade depends on your personal needs and budget. For example, if noise is an issue, double glazing may be a priority, but if your windows are new this may not be a sensible option.

We recommend you obtain more than one quotation before processing with a home upgrade.

Some Scorecard assessors also offer upgrade services. They are required to inform you if they gain any benefit from recommending any products or services.

We recommend you obtain a number of quotations before you make a decision on an upgrade. It is your decision whether to undertake energy efficiency upgrades following an assessment.

The Scorecard is a unique program that provides an energy star rating for your home. In the same way as a fridge or washing machine has a star rating, a Scorecard rating represents the energy cost of the fixed appliances in your home.

The Scorecard:

  • was developed for existing homes, providing a rating and upgrade options
  • can be used for new homes from plans
  • is voluntary and not part of any regulatory program or the building code
  • assesses major fixed appliances along with the building shell.

Under the Scorecard program, every assessed home receives a certificate. This provides information on the elements that make up the home's rating and ways to improve the rating.

Scorecard assessors provide advice on how the householder can reduce energy bills, improve the home's thermal comfort, guide renovations or make simple changes to the way the house and appliances are used.

NatHERS is a program that provides an energy star rating for homes that are yet to be built or undergoing significant renovations. The program focuses on assessing the thermal performance of the building shell using one of several accredited simulation tools, including AccuRate, FirstRate5 and BERS Pro.


  • was developed for new homes and extensive renovations, providing a rating to demonstrate that it meets minimum energy performance requirements
  • is most commonly used for regulatory purposes under the National Construction Code of Australia
  • assesses only the building shell.

Under the NatHERS program, every assessed house receives a certificate. This provides a star rating and details of construction elements for the house.

NatHERS assessors can provide advice on how to improve the rating, but do not usually interact with the householder and do not usually discuss appliance options as appliances are not part of the assessment.

Further information can be found in our comparing NatHERS and Scorecard fact sheet (.PDF, 211 KB).

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