Stories from Scorecard customers

Spending too much on energy bills?  

When Seren moved to Geelong, she realised that if she didn’t act quickly, energy use in her new home was going to be much higher than it was in the inner-Melbourne flat where she’d previously lived. She arranged a Victorian Residential Energy Scorecard assessment to help plan the next steps to a home with low energy bills.

Click on the link to discover the improvements you can make to your home and the benefits you can get from a Scorecard assessment to help reduce your bills.

Deciding which renovations will give you best value for money is hard

The Victorian Residential Efficiency Scorecard can help you make energy efficient renovation choices.  Click on the case study about Carolyn and Garth from Burwood East who renovated their home after receiving a Scorecard assessment.

Is your home too hot in summer or too cold in winter?

Over a decade ago Mark and Nyree bought a dilapidated West Footscray weatherboard that no one else wanted. By getting a Scorecard assessment done, they have been able to transform it into a home that is comfortable to live in year-round.

Click on the link to hear about their Scorecard journey:  Nyree and Mark, West Footscray.

Are you a landlord or renting?

Click on the case study from Jane, Mitcham.

Landlord Jane Fisher upgraded a few investment properties, making them more energy efficient than many of their neighbouring owner-occupied houses.

The Victorian Residential Energy Scorecard came at just the right time for her.  Through her Scorecard assessment, she worked out how to make her long-term investment property in Mitcham even more comfortable and desirable for tenants.

Are you buying or selling a home?

The Victorian Residential Efficiency Scorecard can help you choose the best home for your future.  Find out how comfortable your home will be and what sort of energy bills to expect.

Are you building a new home?

Clare used the Scorecard to assess the plans for her family’s new home. She wanted to find out whether the house would cost them a fortune in energy bills. Her Scorecard assessor showed her how to adapt the plans to significantly reduce energy use, then worked with her builder to make the most cost-effective changes to the build. A few small changes made a huge difference, turning a 2 star house into an 8 star house.

Find out how building an energy-efficient home with the Scorecard can benefit you.

Page last updated: 19/08/20