What is Scorecard?

The Residential Efficiency Scorecard (the Scorecard) is a unique program that provides an energy star rating for your home. In the same way as a fridge or washing machine has a star rating, a Scorecard rating shows how much energy is used throughout your home.

The Scorecard star rating program is the first of its kind in Australia. Assessments and information are tailored specifically for your home and are delivered by government-approved assessors.

The star rating provides an easy-to-understand snapshot of how your home copes with hot and cold weather. This allows you to compare your home’s energy use with similar homes and quickly see how to save money on your bills.

What's new: National Scorecard Field Trial

Scorecard assessments are available now and a national version of the Scorecard tool (the National Scorecard) and assessor processes has been field tested during 2021. This means there are opportunities for assessors and householders across Australia to participate!

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How a Scorecard assessment can help you

  • It suggests upgrades to reduce energy costs in your home.
  • It provides a hot weather rating and upgrade options to protect your comfort and health in summer.
  • Your assessor can suggest ways to use energy more efficiently to reduce energy costs in your home.

An energy star rating for your home

The Scorecard provides an energy star rating for your home on a scale from one to ten. A high star rating means your home will use less energy, and cost less to run, than one with a lower star rating.

Homes that achieve a high star rating can expect a lower energy bill than the average home.

Currently, the average home is three-star rated so there are opportunities to increase your home’s rating and spend less on your energy bills.

Introduction to the Scorecard

A Scorecard assessment will give your home a star rating that you can use to compare it to others.

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