Resources to assist Scorecard Accredited Assessors are listed below.  

Scorecard data report

The Scorecard program produces one of the largest datasets of home energy cost and comfort in Victorian homes.This report is the first analysis of this data. It includes summaries of home performance,  program benefits and outcomes.

Assessor Kit checklist

The Assessor Kit Checklist is provided to all Assessors undertaking training. The Checklist is designed to help an Assessor prepare for a Scorecard assessment. It includes a list of equipment to take, and the key actions that must be completed, when assessing a home.

Evidence Collection Instructions

The Evidence Collection Instructions is provided to all Assessors undertaking training. The instructions help guide Assessors as to the evidence that needs to be collected when undertaking a Scorecard assessment. Evidence is used by the Department for verification purposes and is part of the required quality control process.

Assessor Agreement and Code of Conduct

All Assessors sign an Assessor Agreement covering the requirements for using the Scorecard, including a Code of Conduct.

The Code of Conduct details information regarding the required conduct and penalties – a demerit system. This helps to safeguard the quality of Scorecard assessments.  The ultimate penalty is de-accreditation. Assessors should ensure that they are familiar with the 'demerit' system prior to signing the Assessor Agreement. Should an accredited Assessor be found to be performing inadequately against either the Code of Conduct, or any of the Quality Principles, the Department reserves the right to terminate the Assessor's access to the Scorecard.  

Privacy Statement

An assessor must provide each customer (householder) with a copy of the Scorecard Privacy Statement at the start of each Scorecard assessment.  Assessors also provide a duplicate copy to the Department.

Any modifications to the Scorecard Privacy Statement, other than the requested insert boxes, must be approved by the Department prior to use. 

If the householder does not sign the Scorecard Privacy Statement, the assessment cannot proceed. Scorecard Assessors must also declare any Conflict of Interest in respect to recommending home upgrade advice, where the Assessor is an agent or a supplier of such products. Consumers are under no obligation to purchase any products or services from the Assessor or an associated business. For ways to promote Scorecard see the Scorecard Branded materials.

Technical basis for the Scorecard
Fact sheets
Marketing materials

Please remember to review the branding guidelines before adapting any marketing materials.

We also have some materials to help you market Scorecard to real estate agents, if you're assessing a home that's going to be for sale or lease:

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