Many Victorian homes have windows, doors and vents that do not seal tightly, allowing hot or cool air to escape. This air escaping makes the temperature of your home difficult to control and requires extra energy use to keep you comfortable.

The Victorian Government is committed to helping households and businesses reduce their bills by offering financial incentives for weather sealing through the Victorian Energy Upgrades program. By participating, you can save money on the upgrade costs, reduce your energy bill and help the environment

All Victorian households that want to seal their household windows, doors and vents are eligible to participate.

Victorian Energy Upgrades can help you save money on the upgrade costs, reduce your energy bill and help the environment.

What discounts are available?

  • Door and window sealing
  • Chimney sealing
  • Exhaust fan sealing
  • Evaporative cooler sealing

How to get involved

To receive an incentive for weather sealing, accredited providers are either required to complete the upgrade or facilitate it. Contact an accredited provider to find out more information on how to participate.

Please note, accredited providers can operate freely like any other business and therefore choose what upgrades they deliver. As a result, some accredited providers may not currently be undertaking this activity or may only be operating in certain locations. We recommend you contact the accredited providers listed to find out more. Some keep waiting lists for activities and may contact you if circumstances change.

The administrator of the program, the Essential Services Commission, has approved every provider and registered product under the program to meet minimum efficiency, quality and safety benchmarks.

Households with gas heating

The burning of gas can release dangerous gases and requires a supply of fresh air to operate safely.

Some gas heaters (flueless gas heaters, gas heaters installed in chimneys and open flued gas heaters) draw this fresh air from the room and therefore need ventilation.  For more information on ventilation for gas heaters see the Energy Safe Victoria website:

Installing weather sealing products in houses with these types of gas heaters may not be recommended. Your accredited provider can advise you on if your home is suitable for weather sealing.

For all households with gas heating, it is recommended you get your gas heater serviced at least every two years to ensure it is operating safely.

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