Victorian Energy Upgrades can help you save money on boiler upgrade costs, reduce your energy bills and help the environment.

Increases in the cost of gas has led many Victorian businesses to look at ways to reduce their gas consumption.

Gas can contribute significantly to a business or organisation’s energy bill so improving the efficiency of its use is one of the best ways to reduce your energy bills. Improving the efficiency of your gas steam boilers, hot water boilers or water heaters also means less maintenance in the long-term.

The Victorian Government is committed to helping Victorian businesses, schools, community groups and other organisations reduce their energy costs. We are helping you receive rebates or discounts through businesses accredited under the program (Accredited Providers) for upgrading existing gas-fired boilers and gas water heaters.

How to get involved

All Victorian businesses, schools, community groups and organisations are eligible to participate.

To participate, you must work with a business approved to deliver, or facilitate upgrades under the program. These businesses are known as Accredited Providers.

Currently, there are no Accredited Providers offering this service because it is a recently introduced method to the program. However, there is interest in the method and we expect there will be Accredited Providers approved soon. We recommend you checking back in the future.

Page last updated: 24/06/20