Upgrading from inefficient appliances can help Victorian homes and businesses cope better with cold weather in winter and warm summer temperatures. It is also an ideal way to take control of your energy bills.

On average, households can save $110 a year on energy bills while the average business can save $3,700. For larger businesses, dollar savings can run into the hundreds of thousands, depending on their upgrades.

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How does Victorian Energy Upgrades work?

Victorian Energy Upgrades is a Victorian government energy efficiency program that gives every Victorian household and business the opportunity to receive rebates or discounts on energy saving products.

Every upgrade allows businesses accredited under the program called Accredited Providers to generate Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates. 

Each certificate represents one tonne of greenhouse gas that has been prevented from entering our atmosphere. 

Accredited providers then sell these certificates to energy retailers. 

The Victorian Government sets annual greenhouse gas reduction targets that require energy retailers to buy a certain number of certificates. 

In 2019, we’re asking our energy retailers to help reduce Victoria’s greenhouse gas emissions by 6.3 million tonnes through energy efficiency.

The target increases each year and will be 6.5 million tonnes in 2020. 

However, all you need to remember is that Victorian Energy Upgrades is making it easier and cheaper for you to make energy-efficient upgrades for your home.

Page last updated: 14/08/20