Victorian Residential Efficiency Scorecard

Are you buying a home, selling a home or renovating ? Are you worried about your energy bills? Does your house get too hot in summer or too cold in winter?

A Scorecard assessment will tell you where your home is using the most energy and how you can reduce your use while staying comfortable. A Scorecard assessment will give your home a star rating that you can use to compare it to others.

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Scorecard explained

The Scorecard is an Australian-first home energy rating program. The Scorecard gives you a star rating for your home, in the same way as a fridge or washing machine can get a star rating. The star rating represents the running cost of the fixed appliances in your home. You can use it as a guide to make home improvements efficiently and cost effectively.

Independent accredited assessors can be engaged to deliver Scorecard assessments for a fee. They use the government supported Scorecard webtool to rate the energy efficiency of your home's construction, fixed appliances and other key features such as solar PV energy production. The two page rating certificate also recommends upgrade options to improve your home's rating.

The Scorecard also rates your home's performance during hot weather. This important feature helps you understand and improve the comfort of your home in summer.

Many Victorian homes have high energy bills simply due to the way the home is built. The Scorecard helps you understand and improve this performance.

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