Monitoring your use

In Part 3 of our three-part series "Switch On your house for Christmas", we look at how you can monitor your electricity use using the data from your smart meter to see how much your Christmas lights are costing you.



"At the moment it's really difficult to monitor our usage. All I can do is keep the mains Christmas lights running through one power point so I know at all times whether they are on or off. I've seen on the internet that you can now buy in-home displays, which apparently monitor your electricity use, but I'm not really sure how much they cost or if it’s really worth it.”

Energy Expert

"There are other options for Heath to track his electricity use much more closely with the help of data from his smart meter."

"Many customers can access this data through a web portal, provided by their electricity supplier. This allows you to view data from your smart meter via your computer, smart phone or tablet. Typical features include your electricity consumption by hour, day and week, a breakdown of use by household appliance and a comparison to similar homes in your area."

"Another option is buying a device that sits inside your home, called an 'In Home Display'. This will use data from your smart meter to show your electricity use in almost real-time. This will let you know just how much electricity your lights, or a particularly light or appliance, are using."

"The In Home Display and smart meter data will show Heath the energy use of his whole home. Heath could also purchase an inexpensive plug-in power meter for his Christmas lights. This would plug into the power point that his lights are attached to and show exactly how much electricity they have used."

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To find companies that could install an In Home Display Unit in your area, you can also visit the VEET website.