Choosing lights


Father and son choosing christmas lights

Year on year, Heath has been adding to his Christmas lights extravaganza. "I love Christmas and like to have some fun by using outdoor decorations to add to the sense of excitement of the festive season. The problem is lots of lights run up your electricity bill."  That's why after seeing his electricity bill rise over Christmas last year he took steps to choose more energy efficient lighting. "We were concerned about our bills so I decided to invest in solar lights this year. I discovered that lots of the big department stores are now selling solar-powered decorations. Whereas last year almost all of our Christmas lights decorations ran off the mains power, we now have over half running from solar."  Heath has found the solar option to be very easy to run. "The solar Christmas options are really easy to set up – they run off a small solar panel that goes in the yard and I make sure to place them in the spot that gets the most sunshine."

Heath's Christmas decorations – Mains vs Solar


  • Christmas Tree lights
  • Inflatable light-up Santa
  • Inflatable light-up Snowman
  • Icicle lights
  • Laser Projector
  • Cherry Blossom Tree with lights
  • Outdoor Christmas lamppost with lights


  • Outdoor House lights – 3 sets that go around the house
  • Reindeer
  • Inflatable Santa with lights
  • Large presents with lights
  • Outside Christmas signs with lights

Energy Expert

"Heath has taken some excellent steps to reduce the amount of electricity, by choosing solar lights that don’t require any mains electricity. Solar powered LED (light emitting diode) decorations are a great option for outdoor areas as they use the energy from the sun during the day to light up at night. With the sun around at Christmas, this is a great idea."

"Substituting your traditional holiday lights for new LED lights can also save on electricity bills.  LED lighting is an energy efficient option for some types of Christmas lights, including string lighting. They use much less energy to provide the same amount of light as other forms of lighting, meaning they are much cheaper to run. Heath could learn more about energy efficient lighting."

"Choosing the right type of decorations means that you can enjoy the festive season without unwanted holiday aftershock."