Weatherproofing & insulation

weather-proofing-and-insulationYou can receive an Energy Saver Incentive on a number of insulation, glazing and draught-proofing products, which can make a real difference to your energy costs.

Floor insulation

If your floors are not insulated, you could be eligible to receive an Energy Saver Incentive to install under-floor insulation.

Double-glazing windows

The Energy Saver Incentive applies to double-glazing windows. This may be for new windows or adding panes to your existing windows.


The Energy Saver Incentive is also available to help stop draughts by:

  • weatherproofing doors or windows
  • sealing wall vents
  • installing chimney dampers, which close to shut out draughts when you're not using the fireplace.

To get tips on how to seal up gaps and cracks to make your home or business more comfortable, and save energy, visit Sustainability Victoria.

Participating businesses

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