Energy Saver Incentive

You may be eligible for an Energy Saver Incentive when you purchase a new energy-efficient product or appliance for your home or business.

What is the Energy Saver Incentive?

The Victorian Government's Energy Saver Incentive offers discounts and special deals on selected energy-saving products and appliances.

The bigger the greenhouse gas reduction, the more you can save.

These products and appliances must be purchased from participating businesses.

Can I just turn up and purchase a product?

An Energy Saver Incentive is available for purchasing a new energy-efficient appliance or product that replaces an older product or appliance.

In most cases, your new appliance or product must be installed by the participating business.

Eligibility conditions may apply in some instances. If you're unsure whether you're eligible for an Energy Saver Incentive, call (03) 9032 1310 to check.

What kinds of businesses are participating?

A range of businesses have signed up. These include energy retailers, local sustainability companies, appliance stores, plumbers, builders and other tradespeople.

Only authorised businesses can provide you with Energy Saver Initiative discounts and special offers.

Who is allowed to participate in the scheme?

All participating businesses have been accredited by the Essential Services Commission. This means they are authorised to create Victorian energy-efficiency certificates in the Energy Saver Incentive scheme.

How can I find my nearest participating business?

Choose a product below for more information and participating businesses near you.

How long will the scheme run for?

The scheme is currently legislated to operate until the end of 2029.