Appliance calculator


Check how much your major appliances cost to run and compare them against more energy-efficient alternatives. Here's how:

  1. Click on the appliance category (e.g. Lighting).
  2. Select the type of appliance from the list. (e.g. Floodlight 150W) and click 'ADD'.
  3. Fill in how many hours and/or minutes you use the appliance for on average. You can add as many appliances as you like.
  4. View your total energy use for each appliance category in the green category banner.

Note that the overall cost of using each appliance in this calculator is approximate and does not include standby power. It might vary depending on the age and efficiency of the appliance, thermostat settings, the way you use the appliance and other factors. For example:

  • Energy use for air-conditioners and heaters depends on thermostat setting and thermal performance of the room or house.
  • Energy use for dishwashers and washing machines depends on the wash cycle chosen (i.e. how long it goes for) and whether your machine is connected to the hot water tap.

You can get further advice on choosing energy-efficient appliances from Sustainability Victoria.