Here you will find information and resources for property managers who would like to learn more about how the Victorian Energy Upgrades program can help their clients (landlords or building owners) save money on the installation of energy efficient products.

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Investing in energy efficiency can increase the long-term value of your client’s home or business.

Rising energy costs means more tenants are seeking energy efficient homes or buildings. Energy efficient premises are not only more attractive to prospective tenants but are also more comfortable and cheaper to live in, which means tenants are likely to stay longer. Energy efficient premises also require less maintenance and are therefore less costly for landlords in the long term.

Increase the long-term value and income of your client’s property by encouraging your clients to take advantage of discounts or rebates available through the Victorian Energy Upgrades program.

Your clients may be eligible for several energy efficiency upgrades under the program, including the installation of LED lighting and the replacement of old inefficient hot water systems and heating systems with approved energy efficient products. In many cases, participating in the program will make efficient products similar price or cheaper than the like for like replacement.

To see the full suite of opportunities available under the program, check out our discounted energy efficient products.

Energy efficiency upgrades are delivered by businesses accredited under the program called Accredited Providers (APs). APs can offer customers discounts, or rebates, on energy efficiency upgrades under the program by creating Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECs). VEECs are a type of currency for the program and can fluctuate in price. Each upgrade attracts a certain amount of certificates, or in other words, a certain amount of money. On average, VEECs are worth around $19 each.

Each VEEC created represents one tonne of GHG abatement. Once an AP creates VEECs, it can then sell these to third parties such as Energy Retailers. Energy Retailers have an obligation under the program to purchase VEECs.

The amount of rebate a consumer can receive depends on how much greenhouse gas (GHG) abatement can be saved from an upgrade. The higher the GHG abatement, the more VEECs can be created by the AP and the larger rebate it can offer the consumer.

On average, the installation of an approved water heat can create 45 VEECs, worth around $850, and a space heating installation can create 30 VEECs, worth around $560. This amount is based on historic market conditions before the AP’s administration costs are deducted.

The rental market is a competitive industry, which means property managers need to keep abreast of market changes and trends. Rising energy costs is an increasing concern for Victorian households and businesses and is having an impact on where people choose to rent and how long they stay in a property.

If you are a property manager with knowledge of the Victorian Energy Upgrades program, you can help to increase the value your client’s long-term investment by showing them how to access rebates that improve their premises’ energy efficiency.

By offering your clients this service, you will help make their premises more attractive to tenants now and into the future. This will increase your current client’s satisfaction in your service and make your services more attractive to future clients.

You can help your client take up energy efficiency opportunities at any time, including in emergency situations where a critical appliance like a hot water system has failed. Instead of replacing like-for-like, replace it with an energy efficient product and take advantage of rebates through the Victorian Energy Upgrades program. Thanks to the program, energy efficient products can even be cheaper to install than the less efficient alternative. This makes it cheaper for the landlord to install and cheaper for the tenant to run.

There are three ways you can help your clients access the program:

  • Arrange for a discounted upgrade on your client’s behalf
  • Ask your installer/tradesperson to arrange for the discounted upgrade. Your tradesperson can visit the following page for further information (link to tradespeople page)
  • Connect your client directly to the program (link to VEU homepage)

Whichever path you choose to take will require you to contact an AP. APs understand all the program requirements, including the necessary paperwork, to ensure that your client receives the rebate.

To find an AP, you first need to work out the type of upgrade your client is interested in. You can find all upgrade options here [hyperlink -]

Once you have selected the type of upgrade, you can find the list of relevant APs on the bottom of the page. Like in any market, we recommend that you speak to more than one business to work out which one best suits your needs.

We have several resources to help your clients receive rebates under the Victorian Energy Upgrades program.

Savings for households factsheet
(PDF, 1.1 MB)

Savings for business factsheet
(PDF, 1.3 MB)

For more information about how the program works, check out this video on the Victorian Energy Upgrades page.

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