Here you will find information and resources for local councils looking to learn more about the Victorian Energy Upgrades program, including how they or their local communities can participate and benefit.

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How can councils participate?

One of the best ways to tackle rising energy costs and reduce your council’s and community’s greenhouse gas emissions is by investing in energy efficiency.  The Victorian Energy Upgrades program offers Victorians the opportunity to receive discounts, or rebates, on a range of energy efficient products and services. Opportunities include installing LEDs, solar hot water heaters and energy efficient reverse cycle air-conditioning system and much more.

Your council can benefit directly from the program by making eligible energy efficiency upgrades to your council premises or assets. One eligible upgrade option is replacing your old inefficient street lighting with LEDs.

By undertaking upgrades under the program, you can receive significant savings on the upgrade costs. The amount of savings depends on the amount of greenhouse gas (GHG) abatement that can be attributed to the upgrade. The more abatement, the more savings you can receive.

To participate, you need to work with a business approved to deliver upgrades under the program called an Accredited Provider (AP). APs can offer customers discounts, or rebates, on energy efficiency upgrades under the program by creating Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECs).

VEECs are a type of currency for the program and can fluctuate in price. Each upgrade attracts a certain amount of certificates, or in other words, a certain amount of money. On average, VEECs are worth around $19 each.

Each VEEC created represents one tonne of GHG abatement. Once an AP creates VEECs, it can then sell these to third parties such as Energy Retailers. Energy Retailers have a legislative obligation under the program to purchase VEECs.

Use an Accredited Provider who undertakes the discounted upgrade 

This option requires you to contract an AP to undertake all aspects of the upgrade and certificate creation process. This AP takes full responsibility for the upgrade from start to finish, including procuring the products, undertaking the upgrade itself or via a third party and submitting all the paperwork to the program’s administrator. This service requires less involvement on the part of the council.

Use an Accredited Provider who provides aggregation services (facilitates certificates only)

This option requires you to contract an AP who does not undertake the upgrade but is responsible for facilitating the upgrade by ensuring that it complies with the program requirements. In short, they support you through the upgrade process and look after the paperwork. This type of service may be more attractive to those local councils with in-house expertise and personnel who can work actively with an AP.

An AP that offers this service will advise you on what you need to do to participate. This will include ensuring that you procure and purchase approved product(s), use qualified installers and complete the relevant paperwork with all relevant parties.

The qualified installers may be in-house installers or organised via a third-party. Often, APs have relationships with trusted third-party installation companies or individual installers who can deliver the upgrades. However, APs may be open to using council own in-house installers, as long as they can learn the program requirements.

Either way, you must communicate with an AP early – well before the upgrade process has started. Ultimately, they are responsible for getting you the rebate and therefore, all aspects of the upgrade should be negotiated and contracted before any work proceeds. This negotiation should include an agreement on who completes the upgrade and an estimate of how much of a rebate you will receive.

We recommend that you contact more than one AP to ensure that you find the most suitable business for your needs.

Your community can benefit directly from the program by receiving discounts on eligible energy efficient upgrades on products and services for their homes or businesses.  You can inform your community and encourage their participation in the program by promoting the significant discounts or rebates they can access on upgrade opportunities such as LED lighting, solar hot water systems and reverse cycle air-conditioners.

The rebate amount depends on the amount of greenhouse gas (GHG) abatement attributed to the upgrade. The more abatement, the more savings you can receive.

Community members are diverse, so we recommend that you advise them to review the eligible upgrade opportunities and select the most interesting opportunities.

For the full list of eligible upgrade opportunities under the program, visit the Victorian Energy Upgrades webpage.

To participate in the program, your community members need to connect with an AP. APs are approved to deliver upgrades under the program and can be found under each of the eligible upgrade opportunities.

We recommend that you advise your community members to contact more than one AP to ensure that they find the most suitable business for their individual needs.

We can help your council become champions of the Victorian Energy Upgrades program by training you directly on how the program works and how to receive rebates for upgrades under the program. This will include how your council can benefit now and how your community can also benefit. Contact us to get involved.

Do you want statistics on Victorian Energy Upgrades uptake rates by postcode or local government area (LGA)? These statistics may help your council identify energy efficiency opportunities for your community. Email us at for the latest data.

We have several resources to help you and your client receive rebates under the Victorian Energy Upgrades program.

Savings for households factsheet (PDF, 1.1 MB)

Savings for business factsheet (PDF, 1.3 MB)

For information on VEU for Local Councils, download our factsheet.

Download a leaflet for The Yarra Centre case study.

For more information about how the program works, watch this video on the Victorian Energy Upgrades page.

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