Victorian Energy Compare is the Victorian Government's free to use, independent energy price comparison tool designed to help you find the best energy offer available to you.

It works by comparing what you're currently paying for energy with every generally available gas, electricity and solar offer on the market.

The comparison is easy to do and takes about 10 minutes. Victorian Energy Compare users can typically save $330 a year simply by switching energy retailers.

All you need is access to a device connected to the internet, a recent bill and some information about how your household or small business uses energy. You can also use your smart meter data file (which you can obtain from either your retailer or distributor) to make the comparison even simpler.

You can find more information on switching retailers and energy plans at Victorian Energy Compare.

Get the best energy offer for your home or small business

Rohan, a small business owner.

"Utilities have gone up a lot and electricity is one of those. I had heard about the Victorian Energy Compare tool, so I decided to have a look at it. I went online and ticked a few boxes and answered a few questions.  It showed me that I could save about $400 to $500 off my annual bill, so that was a pretty easy decision to make.

As we are part of a bigger building, there's a lot of common areas with a lot of electricity costs and many running costs. So, I'll be definitely recommending the tool to the body corporate to see how much money we can save".

Kerri, a mum of three.

"I had a look at Victorian Energy Compare. All I had to do was input my details; it asked me some household questions – how many people were living in the house, what appliances we were using. I am not that tech savvy, but I got through it pretty quickly.

I've worked out that on a monthly basis, I'm saving $50 to $60 per bill. The money I'm saving can go towards the kids' ballet fees, the footy fees, the tennis, the swimming. And the extras can be spent on a massage or more coffee for me".

Victoria, a retiree.

"When I found out about Victorian Energy Compare I immediately thought, "Oh, I don't know. I'm not sure if I can negotiate all that. I'm not very confident with computer sites."

I grabbed my electricity and my gas bills. I steeled myself with a cup of tea and I sat down at my computer. I looked through the whole process, I answered all the questions. I was astonished at how many choices there were. Things like not having to have it be a direct debit by a certain date. And I was delighted to find one of the companies offered 100 per cent offset of our carbon emissions. I got our electricity bill down by about $160 per year. Which made me very happy.

With our gas bill, I was able to reduce that by about $120 and a better-paying arrangement too. In winter, I know I'll be comfortable because I can use the heater. And know I've got a good deal on gas".

If you are thinking about changing energy companies, there is more information at switching energy providers.

Page last updated: 08/07/19