Rural and remote

Many of Victoria's rural and remote communities live with more extreme weather, which can make heating and cooling your house more expensive. You may also be reliant on mains electricity. Switching gas and electricity plans can provide significant savings. There are also many ways you can make household changes to cut your energy use.

Compare and save

Compare and save with My Planner Take advantage of Victoria's sunshine Check running costs before purchasing with the Appliance Calculator

Make sure you have the best electricity deal by going to Victorian Energy Compare. Enter some basic details about your energy consumption using your latest gas or electricity bill (or both), and you can quickly and easily compare offers that are available to you.

If you are currently on a time-of-use electricity plan for dedicated appliances, you may be able to make savings with an alternative plan, such as flexible pricing.

50% of users could save more than $330 per year by switching plans.

Contact your retailer

It's worth calling your current energy retailer to check that you are getting the best deal. They may also be able to help you with a payment plan if you need assistance paying your bill.

See Energy Retail Companies – contact list.

Go solar

Take advantage of Victoria's sunshine. Installing solar panels is a great investment for your energy future. The initial cost will be offset by energy savings over time. See saving with solar for details.

Upgrading appliances

Thinking of upgrading an old inefficient appliance, or buying a new appliance?

Before you buy, check our appliance calculator. Choosing a highly efficient model can provide considerable energy savings. Remember to factor in changes in family size – and children's size and energy use!

Households can also access discounts on energy-efficient appliances through the Victorian Energy Upgrades program. Products covered by the program include televisions, fridges and freezers, hot water units, heating and cooling units and clothes dryers. It also covers home lighting and shower-heads.

Other ways to save

It's not hard to cut down your energy use around the house. See our top 10 ways to save energy.

Also visit our interactive energy-efficient house for hints and tips about small savings that quickly add up.