Poultry and egg production farms are some of the most energy-intensive farming operations, so it’s vital for farm profitability and the environment that farmers search for efficiencies across their operations.

Typically, poultry and egg farms use diesel, electricity and gas, which means there’s a range of potential savings.

Do you use high-efficiency motors and variable speed drives? Could you upgrade lighting or heating? Are your shed design and installation optimal? Have you considered ground-coupled heat pumps, or renewable energy options, such as solar PV or bio-gas production?

Energy-saving actions matter. Start with these resources:

Learn from others — case studies

See how solar power is working for some chicken growers, in this case study from AgInnovators and NSW Farmers.

It’s possible to make renewable power from poultry manure. See how in this case study from the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation.

Act now — fact sheets, guides and tools

Converting chicken meat by-products into energy may be a viable option. Read more in this energy strategy report by AgriFutures Chicken Meat.

You can cut energy and costs by replacing inefficient ventilation fans on meat chicken sheds. Read more in this AgriFutures report.

Read this research report on quantifying on-farm energy usage in the Australian meat chicken industry from the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation.

Have you considered fan efficiency? Learn more in this report by the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation.

Explore the energy usage and ventilation performance of tunnel ventilated layer sheds, in this report by the Australian Egg Corporation Limited.

Know your options — more help and ideas

Victorian Energy Saver provides tools and information to help Victorian Businesses save energy and money.

There is more information on efficiency and improvements on our Equipment and Technologies: Case Studies & Guides page.

Page last updated: 31/07/18