Energy is a significant cost for bakeries of all sizes, ranging from around $10,000 a year for small or retail bakeries to $100,000 or more a year for larger factory bakeries. 

Typically, over half the total energy used in bakery operations goes to running ovens. Other equipment, including lighting, dough proofers, refrigeration, and hot water, contributes the rest.

You’ll find energy savings by upgrading to high-efficiency equipment, improving equipment maintenance, and changing operating procedures.

Energy-saving actions matter. Start with these resources.

Learn from others - case studies

See how a showcase Bakers Delight in Sydney cut energy costs by 32 per cent and reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 43 per cent a year, compared to a standard Bakers Delight, in this case study by the Australian Government.

Read how new owners of Cedar Bakery used renovating as the ideal time to improve energy efficiency, in this case study from the Australian Government.

In this case study by Sustainability Victoria, read how La Madre Bakery (a larger factory bakery) saved $15,000 by dropping its energy intensity by 21 per cent.

Learn what Bakers Maison did to be more energy efficient, in this case study from the New South Wales Office of Environment and Heritage.

Goodman Fielder’s Quality Bakers Hawkes Bay is the first boiler-less industrial bakery in Australasia. Read more about its savings in this case study from Energy NZ.

Act now — fact sheets, guides and tools

Walk through the 20 steps for cutting energy bills in your bakery, with this handy guide from the Department of Industry and Science. Get the short EnergyCut fact sheet too.

Get tips on how to improve energy and materials efficiency in food processing, with this guide from Sustainability Victoria.

Explore the Energy Efficient Equipment Toolkit from Food South Australia .

See what the US commercial bakery industry is doing in energy efficiency, in this guide from Energy Star and Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Know your options - more help and ideas

Victorian Energy Saver provides tools and information to help Victorian Businesses save energy and money.

There is more information on efficiency and improvements on our Equipment and Technologies: Case Studies & Guides page.

Page last updated: 15/08/18