Most farms depend on diesel and petrol to run tractors, vehicles and other equipment. In fact, fuel is the main energy cost for most farm operators, representing around 75 per cent of total energy spend. Finding fuel efficiencies is good for business and the environment.

Cutting fuel costs can be relatively simple, starting with driving smarter, correct vehicle setup and developing a fuel management plan.  Buying fuel efficient vehicles can also create big fuel savings.

Here are some useful resources to help you save:

Learn from others — case studies

Learn about improving energy efficiency on Australian irrigated cotton farms, including through tractor operations, in this benchmarking report from the National Centre for Engineering in Agriculture, University of Southern Queensland.

See what the US is doing about on-farm fuel efficiency, with this set of case studies from Iowa State University’s eXtension program.

Get tips on reducing fuel use in farm vehicles, with this guide from AgInnovators.

Act now — fact sheets, guides and tools

See these fact sheets on fuel saving techniques from AgInnovators: adaptive driving; tractor ballasting; tyre pressure; wheel slip; estimating tractor power needs; and purchasing a fuel efficient tractor.

Learn more about efficient driving and fleet management with these resources from RACQ.

Discover a US approach to thinking on energy efficient tractor and field operations, in this guide from Iowa State University’s eXtension program.

Know your options — more help and ideas

Victorian Energy Saver provides tools and information to help Victorian Businesses save energy and money.

Page last updated: 01/08/18