Renewable energy systems are getting cheaper while network electricity and gas prices remain volatile, so more businesses are turning to alternative energy systems to cut energy costs, support the environment, and future-proof their operations.

Farmers and food processors are investing in solar PV, wind generators, biowaste (bioenergy) systems, and biofuel technologies to reduce their reliance on conventional energy sources—and they’re making savings.

The other good news is energy storage systems, particularly batteries, are becoming more cost effective, so they’re forming an important part of remote power supplies, systems that reduce peak demand, and ‘energy time shift’ technologies (storing electrical energy when price is low and using the stored energy when price is high).

Here are some useful resources to help you find savings with alternative energy and storage:

Learn from others — case studies

See how one Victorian farmer is growing his own fuel (bioenergy), in this case study from the Department of Energy Land Water and Planning.

Read about a company investing in solar generation for its four Victorian poultry farms, in this case study from Solar Professionals.

See how a Queensland piggery turned to solar PV and saved, in this case study from the Queensland Farmers’ Federation.

Read about on-farm power generation (solar PV) in this Applied Horticultural Researchguide (with case studies).

Discover the savings De Bortoli Wines found when it installed solar PV, in this case study from Wine Australia.

Explore solar PV for fruit packing sheds, in this case study by Apple and Pear Australia Limited.

Act now - fact sheets, guides and tools

If you’re thinking about solar panels for the dairy shed, Agriculture Victoria compares 5 kW and 30 kW systems in this guide.

Learn about solar hot water systems for the dairy shed (flat plate and evacuated tube systems) in this Agriculture Victoriaguide.

Explore renewable energy in agriculture, with this New South Wales Office of Environment and Heritagefarmers’ guide to technology and feasibility.

Understand more about battery storage for business, with this New South Wales Office of Environment and Heritage guide.

Get this guide to installing solar PV for business and industry from the Clean Energy Council.

Explore how to make energy from waste (bioenergy) in this Clean Energy Council guide.

Know your options — more help and ideas

Victorian Energy Saver provides tools and information to help Victorian Businesses save energy and money.

Page last updated: 31/07/18