Victorian Energy Upgrades is available to every Victorian business. You are eligible to participate and receive the benefits of discount energy saving products.

Each product below contains information on accredited providers who are registered to sell Victorian Energy Upgrade products.

The administrator of the program, the Essential Services Commission, has approved every registered product under the program to meet minimum efficiency, quality and safety benchmarks.

Download our factsheet for information on Victorian Energy Upgrades.

We reduced our energy bills by $300,000 per year

The savings (from energy-saving products) made the business case a no-brainer for us. There was an immediate difference in the energy bills right from the first week. 

Leon Fairfield, Logistics Manager
Metcash Trading Ltd

Download a leaflet for the Metcash case study.

We saved 90 per cent on our up-front costs

I think it's very important to save energy. For the planet, and for the financial viability of our facility. In a 12-month period, we've saved $5000.

Barry Hobbs, CEO
Violet Town Bush Nursing Centre

Download a leaflet for the Violet Town Bush Nursing home case study.

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