Why energy data?

All businesses are unique and use energy in different ways. Having energy consumption data on hand when you shop around for a better energy deal will ensure you find a deal that suits your business’ specific needs.

Data also helps you understand what drives costs and where you can save.

Using data

Most Victorian businesses can access their electricity consumption data for every 30 minutes in a spreadsheet. You can access the data via a web portal or download it.

Web portals provided by energy retailers and distributors allow you to view data from your smart meter via your computer, smartphone or tablet. You can:

  • view your electricity consumption by week, day and hour
  • view a forecast of your bill and see how you are tracking
  • set a budget target or goals to help you manage your costs.

Some of the key reasons to look at your energy data include:

  • Has your energy consumption changed over time? If so, it might be time to re-examine your energy contract – check out our page on energy contracts
  • Has your energy use increased over time? If so, consider investing in technology to reduce your energy consumption
  • After hours consumption – are you using significant amounts of energy over the weekend or when your business is closed?
  • What time of the year is your energy consumption highest? How does your energy consumption change over a year? Is it related to hot or cold weather or peak production periods for your business?
  • Determine the size and return on investment for a solar PV installation

Accessing data

If your business uses less than 160 MWh per annum and has a smart meter, then your electricity consumption is being metered in 30-minute intervals. You can ask for this data from your electricity retailer or distributor.

If your business consumes over 160 MWh a year, you will need to contact your metering data agent to access your data.

Retailers and distributors are asked to provide interval data to customers within ten working days of receiving a request.

Some retailers and distributors have online portals where you may be able to download your consumption file.

How do I access a web portal?

Supplier Web portal links
Origin Energy Meter data request
Jemena Electricity Outlook
AusNet myHomeEnergy
United Energy Energy Easy
Lumo Energy My Account
Shell EnergyMy Portal

Page last updated: 23/02/21