Smart meters, web portals and in-home displays

A web portal or in-home display means you get access to and can interact with the data being captured by your smart meter. By monitoring your energy use in almost real time you can get a better understanding of how and when you use power. This gives you the opportunity to make changes and save.

How do I access a web portal?

A web portal allows you to view data from your smart meter via your computer, smart phone or tablet. Typical features include:

  • view your electricity consumption by week, day and hour
  • view a breakdown of usage by household appliance
  • compare usage to similar homes in your area
  • view a forecast of your bill and see how you are tracking
  • set a budget target or goals to help you manage your costs.

Web portal links

Supplier Web portal links


Origin Energy Manager
Powershop Toolkit
Jemena Electricity Outlook
AusNet Services
My Home Energy
United Energy Energy Easy
Lumo Energy
My Account
ERM Power
My Portal

If your distributor or retailer is not on this list, contact them directly.

How can I get an in-home display?

Worldwide trials have shown that in-home displays help households to reduce their electricity use by between 5 and 15%. You can monitor your current use and past use and compare costs between days, weeks and months.

Many retailers have in-home displays available. Contact your retailer: Energy retail companies – contact list.

The cost and installation of your in-home display may be covered under the ESI scheme, see Energy Saver Incentive.