Bill shock

Received a bill that has given you a shock? There are some changes you can make to lower your costs.

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Why are my energy bills so high?

Some things are hard to change.

  • Seasonal usage: A very hot summer or a very cold winter can drive your bills up.
  • House design: Some homes do not take advantage of natural heating and cooling opportunities.
  • Habits, lifestyles and household size: How much heating, cooling, washing, showering, cooking and clothes washing is done in your house?

Some costs on your bill can be reduced.

  • Pay less for energy: Energy costs have gone up significantly over the last five years. Go to Victorian Energy Compare to compare offers from retailers and make sure you are getting the best deal for your household.
  • Make your house more efficient: Your house could be modified to reduce energy use. See our interactive energy-efficient house for simple ways to cut costs.
  • Check your appliance use: The more appliances you have and use, the higher your energy bills will be. Check running costs with our appliance calculator.
  • Make simple changes: Our top 10 ways to save energy are easy and several small savings add up to big savings.

What is the average breakdown of energy costs?

On average, households spend these percentages on each category.

 32% Heating, 16% hot water, 17% whitegoods, 11% Lighting, 10% Entertainment, 8% Appliances, 4% Cooking, 2% Cooling - Source from Sustainability Victoria

What if there's an error on my bill?

Occasionally a mistake might be made in calculating your gas or electricity use (however smart meters are more accurate than old-style meters).

If you think your bill is wrong, contact your energy retailer. If you continue to be unsatisfied, you can take your issue to the Energy and Water Ombudsman. See complaints, safety and outages.

How can I monitor my usage more closely?

Your smart meter gives you the opportunity to monitor your electricity use on a daily basis. See smart meters, web portals and in-home displays.